International Trading Company

International Trading Company based in New Delhi, has evolved from a small trading company to an international business company with offices in Geneva and Brussels. It started with trading of rice in 1998 and then expanded its operations with a wide range of products like wheat, sugar, Iron Ore, Coal, Urea and Di-Ammonium Phosphate. Our superior experience in international trade has facilitated us, to be a pioneer and faithful business partner for our priceless clients. ITC also holds operations in Canada and Eastern Europe for its mining and agriculture activities.Our company policy of Strict Quality Control has developed goodwill in the overseas market where our products are sold at premium prices. With the worldwide reach provided by a well-integrated network that spans the globe, the company has strengthened its capability to source globally, delivers world class quality, work with global brands, and has developed some key international alliances for sustaining future growth.

“Making commodity trading simpler for buyers “

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