New Delhi Times

New Delhi Times started under the leadership of G.N. Srivastava in 1995 has strived to enlighten the masses with information, relevant current news and discussions on topics of value. While providing news about the International World, it mainly focuses on the current happenings of India and Delhi/NCR in particular. Political issues of national interest are discussed giving the readers food for their thought aiding them towards a perspective of their own.

The site systematically provides news on current activities in the sports world. Also it paves the way for easy entertainment access with both Hollywood and Bollywood movie release news and reviews. It also dedicates individual sections disseminating news on Environment, Art and lifestyle, Technology and Health. These segments are loaded with information for readers to gorge on and come back for more reliable and authentic news.

In short NDT Bureau can be summed up as a package deal that circulates news on variety of topics and interest for every sorts of audience that wishes to be enlightened about the ongoing events in the world of news and entertainment.


Nai Dilli Times

Nai Dilli Times (Hindi) has been running parallel with its English counterpart under the leadership of G.N. Srivastava since its inception in 1995 disseminating news of the world, India and Delhi/NCR in the language of the masses. It endeavours to enlighten the masses that reside within the national capital with its factual content and scholarly discussions alike.

Like its English counterpart it dedicates individual columns to its sports, entertainment, art, lifestyle, technology and health sections alike.


News from Non-Aligned

News from Non-Aligned World (NNW) is a Think Tank established to further the objectives of NAM. It strives to voice unbiased opinions about issues and scenarios faced by NAM countries, highlighting the problems of the Third World. It endeavours to fill the void in media exposition of issues, events and achievements of the NAM countries.

Also every month, NNW publishes a special bulletin, which contains articles, commentaries, special features, and analytical evaluation of the events and happening during the month. NNW has been provided accreditation by the Press Information Bureau, Government of India. The Agency is also accredited to both Houses of the Indian Parliament, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

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