Social Responsibility

International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies (IINS)

International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies (IINS), is an international organisation established to project and highlight the convictions of the people of the Non-aligned World. While observing the scenario of NAM countries, IINS came with an initiative of starting up a News and Feature Agency in English and Hindi in manifestation of the emerging concept of News, Information and Communication Order outlined by the developing and NAM Countries. IINS thereby provides a platform for the billions of people of the Third World to voice their opinions and be heard with equal value as well.

IINS strives to attain these objectives through education and dissemination of correct information and knowledge. Being an international organisation and having peace, security, human rights, human resource development, advancement of science education and culture as major areas of its activities, it provides a standard for global organisations all around the world.


GNS Foundation

GNS Foundation is formed after the memory of Late Dr. Govind Narain Srivastava to work in the fields of healthcare and education. We aim to work for free and quality healthcare in the area of no healthcare facilities. Education initiative has been taken up by setting up senior secondary school and college in Haryana. The next step is to setup a multi speciality hospital for the poor and below poverty people.

“We must not bequeath the future generations a legacy of fear, insecurity, hatred and poverty.”


Breast Milk Foundation

Founded in 2015 ‘Breast Milk Foundation’ is a non-profit organization which strives to improve health outcomes for preemies and ill infants, fostering better health for children ensuring a safe initiation for the little ones into their respective worlds. For a mother who is unable to supply sufficient breast milk to meet her baby’s needs, donated human milk is the next best option for her baby. Thus BMF strives to cater to such mothers in distress, who either fail to lactate or for any reason cannot feed their infants their own milk.

As a long neglected issue in a nation which faces highest infant mortality rates, BMF intends to overcome this issue which engulfs preemies with life-threatening illnesses, serious infections and other complications and concerns by accepting, pasteurizing and dispensing donor human milk by physician prescription, primarily to premature and ill infants.



BreastMilk Foundation is a non-profit organization, in collaboration with Fortis La Femme, which brings to the world of kids ‘Amaara’ – a human milk bank, a one of its kind project. The only human milk bank in Delhi NCR, ‘Breast Milk Foundation’ is primarily focused to provide donor milk to high risk newborns admitted in the neo-natal unit and to babies whose mother have lactation failure. An initiative which plans to give a fighting chance to pre-mature or growth restricted babies to live a full and healthy life. With million children needing breast milk, the organisation comes forward to address the issue in Delhi/NCR hoping to further the cause and its seriousness. And eventually minimising the pain our bundle of joys have to go through, bringing a smile on those little faces that have a lot more to see in this beautiful world.

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